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I came across this recipe for Healthy Peanut Butter Eggs from Ambitious Kitchen and I just had to share it. If you haven’t checked out Monique’s blog, you absolutely need to. She shares tons of great recipes and wellness tips- I know you will love it!

My favorite peanut butter treats are Reese’s seasonal products. You know the ones I’m talking about—pumpkins for Halloween, trees for Christmas, eggs for Easter… you get the idea. They have SO much more peanut butter than the standard cups and in my opinion, the ratio is much more ideal. The downside is that they definitely are loaded with sugar and preservatives and are definitely not a “healthy” treat by any means.

These Healthy Peanut Butter Eggs are made with just four ingredients that you can feel good about: vegan chocolate, natural peanut butter, coconut flour, and pure maple syrup. They are also completely vegan, dairy free, and gluten free. They also are every bit as delicious as those Reese’s eggs- I would even go as far as to say they’re better. My husband and I devoured them in a matter of days. Next time, I will absolutely be sure to double the batch so that there is enough for sharing.

I do want to note that the amount of coconut flour you use will depend on your brand of peanut butter. If your natural peanut butter is very runny, you may need a few extra tablespoons of coconut flour to reach the desired consistency. Other than that, I did not modify the ingredients or directions at all. I did add some fun pastel sprinkles in order to make them more festive for Spring and Easter! You could also swap out the peanut butter for almond butter or another nut butter of your choosing. The possibilities are endless!

Healthy Peanut Butter Eggs (V, GF, DF) | Busy Girl Healthy World

Head over to Ambitious Kitchen to get the recipe for these Healthy Peanut Butter Eggs!

Healthy Peanut Butter Eggs (V, GF, DF) | Busy Girl Healthy World

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