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Having an active body is important, but having an active mind is even more important. One of my favorite things to do is read. It makes my brain work and it’s relaxing at the same time. I get a lot of reading done in the summer, when my workload is lighter, but during the school year I enjoy reading in the evenings before bed and occasionally during my lunch. I figured I would share what I read over the spring/summer in case anyone is looking for recommendations:


  • Devil in the White City by Eric LarsonWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Really great story, but found myself rushing through the sections about the actual building of the world fair (slightly boring) to get to the sections involving HH Holmes
    • A lot of characters involved in the building sections, hard to keep straight
    • Info about the world’s fair was very interesting
    • This is rumored to be becoming a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio as HH Holmes, directed by Marin Scorsese- so read it before that happens!
    • Overall Grade: B
  • Shut Up and Run by Robin ArzonWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Really easy, quick read with lots of high-quality images
    • Good running tips for both novice and seasoned runners
    • Some info was redundant, and many tips I had heard before
    • Definitely re-sparked my interest in running- so if you’re in need of some motivation this could be for you!
    • Overall Grade: B
  • Me Before You by Jojo MyersWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Lots of hype surrounding this book due to the movie coming out (which I haven’t seen)
    • Really great, compelling story that is different than anything I have ever read
    • Get ready to cry
    • Overall Grade: A
  • The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot DiazWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Interesting read, but I don’t think I was the ideal target audience for this book, so I felt a little out of the loop on some things related to Dominican-American culture
    • The language was a little racier than I am used to
    • When all is said and don’t it is a decent story, but a little slow
    • Overall Grade: C
  • It Was Me All Along: by Andie MitchellWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Wonderful read for anyone who has ever suffered or knows someone who has suffered from extreme eating in one way or another or is on any type of health journey
    • Really great memoir regarding struggling and then finding balance
    • Written in a casual style that is easy to read
    • Andie Mitchell is a very successful food blogger, so explore her site in addition to reading the book
    • Overall Grade: A
  • I am Malala: by Malala YousafzaiWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • I actually HIGHLY recommend this book because I think it’s so informative and important for everyone to read, but I do want to note that some sections were slow and I found myself a little confused at times
    • Malala is AMAZING and reading her story will make you interested in her cause
    • It will open your eyes to another culture that is often frequently misunderstood
    • Overall Grade: A
  • Just Kids by Patti SmithWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Really cool read for anyone interested in 1960s/1970s music and art
    • Love that this is a memoir and all true- lots of references to Patti meeting celebrities and hanging out in popular NYC hotels/restaurants
    • Certain sections were a little slow and I found myself not picking up the book for days at a time
    • Overall Grade: B
  • Love Letters to the Dead: by Ava DellairaWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • Decently written, quick read
    • Predictable- I think you’re supposed to be a little shocked by the ending, but I was able to figure out what happened very early on in the book (and I’m sure any reader would figure it out) so it became a little boring
    • Overall Grade: C
  • The Martian: A Novel by Any WeirWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • I read this before seeing the movie, but it would still be a great read if you have already seen the movie
    • Compelling story; I didn’t want to put this book down and I was sad when I finished it
    • The technical terms can be a little daunting
    • Overall Grade: B
  • Tiny Beautiful Things: by Cheryl StrayedWhat I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • AMAZING collection of Cheryl’s replies to letters for a newspaper advice column called “Dear Sugar”
    • It’s a great book to read when you don’t have a lot of time, because it’s easy to just read one or two letters/replies when you have a few free moments.
    • Will make you think about your own life and what you can change/what you are thankful for
    • Overall Grade: A
  • All the Light we Cannot See by Anthony Doerr (currently reading)What I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • I have yet to finish this book, but I started in on vacation and I’m loving it
    • Combines world war II history with two fictional stories that are separate but intertwined
    • Overall Grade: A
  • You are a Badass by Jen Sincero (currently reading)What I Read | Busy Girl Healthy World
    • I bought this after seeing a ton of pictures of people reading it on Instagram, thinking it would be a good read
    • I didn’t realize it was a self-help book (oops)- not that there is anything wrong with that. I think everyone can benefit from a little self-help, but I think this book is directed towards people who have a specific issue they are working through. I’m more interested in books that are looking to improve your life overall and not solve a specific problem
    • I’m only about 20% through the book, so I could be entirely wrong about it. Stay tuned!
    • Overall Grade: B

Please keep in mind that these ratings are only my opinions, and you very well may feel differently about a book than I do. If you have any suggestions of books that you love, please comment below, on Facebook, or on Instagram and let me know- I’m always looking for more!

Written by Christina

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