Last weekend I turned 25 (yay!). For my birthday, I wanted to got to brunch at this vegetarian restaurant I have been hearing great things about. It’s called Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille, located in Southampton, PA (Bucks County). My family agreed to go, but no one was really excited about it because no one else is a vegetarian. They made jokes about hitting up a burger joint on the way home. It was a little bit of a hike for us to get there, but it was OH SO worth it. The restaurant is pretty small, so it’s a good idea to make reservations, especially for brunch. Their brunch menu is very reasonably priced (2 courses for $18), and the portions are huge. It’s also a BYOB, so we brought champagne to mix with fresh squeezed juices. They had 7-8 different choices for each course. For me, it was so unusual (and awesome) to be able to choose anything I wanted from the menu. At most other restaurants, I scan for vegetarian options and usually have a choice of 2-3 entrees.

I didn’t get any pictures of first courses, unfortunately. Too busy eating and chatting. I had the Greek Yoghurt Parfait with cherry compote, salted caramel, and marcona almond crunch. It was heavenly. Kind of felt like I was eating dessert for breakfast, but in a good way. My dad and brother-in-law got the Biscuits and Gravy, which were on special that day. They both really enjoyed it and my brother-in-law said it may have been the best biscuits and gravy he’s ever had. The rest of the table had the Dried Blueberry Blue Corn Johnnycakes (maple mascarpone, fresh berries), Crispy Kale Salad (red watercress, ricotta salata, tangerine vinaigrette, citrus supremes), and Cobb (baby spinach, roasted corn, edamame, Maytag blue cheese, toy box tomatoes, plantain chips) and everyone really enjoyed their food. My sister even said “okay Christina, this place is awesome.” The only complaint that I had about Blue Sage was the slow service, but the deliciousness and the presentation of the meal instantly make you forget how long you waited.

I did get pictures of some of our second courses. However, please excuse the quality as they were taking with my iPhone. Three of us had the Benedict (poached farm eggs on toasted sourdough with grilled asparagus, smoked chili hollandaise, asiago frico), my sister had the Brunch Burrito (griddled pumpernickel tortilla with pepita-sesame crusted tofu, hummus, avocado corn relish, and black bean salsa), my mom had the Blue LT (yellow tomato, avocado, Maytag blue cheese, asiago frico and green tobasco mayo on whole grain), and my dad had the Rellanos (roasted orange pepper, soft scramble, white cheddar mornay, olive oil poached tomatoes, gazpacho).

Blue Sage 1
Blue Sage 2
(Blue LT)
Blue Sage 3
(Brunch Burrito)

We were all thoroughly impressed with our meals. I would definitely recommend going to Blue Sage if you are in the area. Whether you are a vegetarian or not, I promise you will not be disappointed at Blue Sage. I will definitely be going back for lunch or dinner try their full menu!

Written by Christina

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