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1. Philips Flexible Ear Hook Headphones, 9.99, Amazon– I love to use headphones that hook over my ears for high intensity exercise, like running. I hate fidgeting with earbuds because they’re constantly falling out while I’m running. These really stay put through even the most intense workouts.

2. Nike Headbands 6 Pack, 13.75, Amazon– You can never have too many workout headbands. I tend to lose mine and never find them again, so I’m constantly needing new ones. These are great and don’t slide off of your head while you work out.

3. Elite Core Sliders, 17.97, Amazon– I have been seeing these sliders all over the place. While I don’t currently own them, they are definitely on my list this year. They add resistance to seemingly simple poses/moves by forcing you to use your muscles to balance and slide.

4. Nike Dri Fit Socks 3 Pack, 18.00, Kohls– THESE ARE THE BEST SOCKS. Can’t say it enough. My mom buys me a pack every year and I’m hoping I’ll be getting them from her again this year. If not, I will definitely go buy some.

5. New Class Gift Cards (price varies by class type and facility/location)– I live in the Collegeville PA area, so CycleZone is a great place to try out new classes. There are some great trendy classes to try like Barre, TRX, Spin, etc. BONUS- if you buy someone a few classes, get some for yourself too so that you can go together!

6. Gaiam Print Premium Reversible Yoga Mat, 30.39, Amazon– I am loving this elephant print yoga mat by Gaiam. So pretty. I already have two yoga mats, but I’m always looking for more.

7. VeganCuts Snack Box, 3 months 59.00– VeganCuts puts together amazing boxes filled with healthy Vegan snacks and treats. Great even if you’re not Vegan! Check out their instagram to get an idea of what kind of products they send.

8. Under Armour Tote, 79.99, Amazon– I love gym bags that don’t look like gym bags and this is a really pretty one. Easily could pass as a regular purse.

9. FitBit Charge HR, 149.95– Everyone I know that has a FitBit loves their FitBit. I don’t have one, but it’s on my list too! I really like how the Charge HR does double duty by also acting as a heart rate monitor. Such a great all-around fitness tool.

10. PopSugar Must Have Box, 3 Months, 109.85– Great gift box that contains fitness products but also health, beauty, food, etc. Great for literally any woman on your list.

Written by Christina

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