A “regular” day at home with my two littles! I got lots of Instagram requests for a video showing what a typical day is like at home with my little ones- so I did my best to film little pieces of our day!

Keep in mind- this is 11 hours of our day boiled down to 17 minutes!

Connor is 2.5 years and Margot is 6 months old.


1. Our days can look slightly different if we have a play date or special activity (which happened a loooot more before 2020/Covid-19). We were typically very active with seeing friends, running errands at stores, going to the library, toddler classes, mommy and me yoga… and almost all of that has been put on pause over the last several months.

2. This was an unseasonably warm day so we spent a lot of time outside! Normally, colder/rainy days are more academic (Connor and I do number or tracing worksheets, read more books throughout the day, or do an art project), and as he gets closer to three we are incorporating more and more into his daily routine.

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Written by Christina

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